A Brief Look at the Impact of Health Insurance Exchanges (Part 1)

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A Brief Look at the Impact of Health Insurance Exchanges

By Ashley Ahle
February 3, 2011

Cutting costs and providing health insurance coverage to the many Americans who are currently uninsured are two huge focuses of health care reform. The plan to achieve both of these goals is to implement either a federal health insurance exchange, or a state regulated exchange.

Health exchanges are intended to create a more competitive marketplace for insurance companies. By competing against each other, the companies would be forced to lower prices for their more “cadillac” coverage plans.

Exchanges are also another way to universally regulate the insurance market by requiring companies to offer plans that meet minimum coverage requirements. These guidelines and regulations are created by the Health Choices Administration in an effort to federally oversee what happens inside the exchanges.

Although the exchanges are meant to provide an easily accessible and understandable way to shop for coverage, not everyone will be eligible to insure within the exchanges. Individuals must meet one or more of the following criteria in order to be eligible:

1. Must work for a company that employs 100 or less people.
2. Must work at a company that is not providing insurance.
3. Must be self employed.
4. Must be unemployed.
5. Must be retired but ineligible for Medicare.
6. Must be a small business.
7. After 2017 medium and large businesses will be eligible.

If one does not meet the above criteria , they will still be able to purchase coverage. Insurers involved in the exchanges will be required to offer the same plans with same premiums outside of the exchange so as to keep premium costs down.

Also, individuals who cannot afford to pay all of the premiums offered in the exchanges may qualify for Government funded subsidies to help pay for the premiums. This also directly ties into the individual mandate and the concern about low-income individuals not being able to pay for coverage.

Tune in tomorrow for Part two where we will discuss the costs and some Pro’s and Con’s.

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